Why Cork

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Why cork is the ultimate yoga mat for your practice​

Have you seen the growing trend of yogis practising on cork mats in your classes? This is a trend that’s here to stay because cork offers unrivalled benefits for you and your yoga practice and for planet earth.

Here are the 5 reasons why cork is by far the superior option for your yoga mat:

  1. Non-slip 
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Non-toxic & Antimicrobial 
  4. Ultra-durable
  5. High-performance

1. Cork is non-slip​

Many yoga mats on the market claim to be ‘non-slip’ but most only achieve this by providing a sticky unnatural rubber surface that requires constant wipe downs to keep clean.

In contrast, mother nature has created an ultra-grippy surface for your yoga mat in cork. Cork offers incredible traction keeping your hands and feet from sliding around and this increases further as you sweat.

Corks natural, grippy properties make it the perfect mat for hot sweaty flows.

1. Cork is eco-friendly & sustainable

Our cork is harvested in a completely environmentally safe process by shaving the outer bark layer from Cork Oak trees located in Portugal. This sustainable process encourages the tree to replace the bark, thereby absorbing more CO2 from the atmosphere, incredible!

"Not a single tree is cut down to harvest cork."


3. Cork is non-toxic and antimicrobial​

As yogis, we’re constantly getting up close and personal with our mat but unfortunately, most yoga mats carry a ton of nasty bacteria, germs and odour. The great news is that cork is antimicrobial and will naturally help kill germs and bacteria, and also prevent odours. This makes cork a safe and healthy option for your body and skin and will also cut down on how often you need to clean your mat.

"The average rubber mat has more bacteria and germs than a toilet seat."

4. Ultra-durable & lightweight

Cork is a very light material, just think about the cork top in your wine bottle. Cork is infused with a cushiony layer of natural rubber to provide the perfect balance of lightness and support. This helps to make your yoga mat easy to carry to class or on your travels.

As well as being light, cork is durable and will last many years of regular practice without ever wearing out. Take care of your mat and it will take care of you.

5. High-performance

As yogis, we want to make healthy choices for ourselves and for planet earth. Cork ticks these boxes but more than that, it doesn’t compromise on performance factors. On cork you’ll immediately feel the incredible strong grip combined with a soft supportive base for your joints.

Cork is a joy to practice on and will keep you smiling and distraction-free as you flow with confidence. Try a beautiful cork yoga mat and you won’t be disappointed.

Our mats are good for your yoga practice and good for the planet! 🌎

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